The New year resolution

29 December, 2018 0 av StormskärsAnna

What New Year’s resolution do you give this year?

A new diet and start exercising in all respect, but why not let 2019 be the year when you take the step and start your business. Or maybe you should develop your existing business. Hire your first person or start a new project. How often have you regretted something you actually did? How often have you regretted what you haven’t done? It may sound like a cliché, but life is too short to wait for it to happen. wait. Right before you know, it’s over.

Being an entrepreneur is going against the grain a little. You will meet people who warn you about the risks. People around you will not always understand. Why don’t you choose safe and secure? Why choose uncertainty?

Why do people choose to jump from an airplane or dive to the bottom of the sea? Why would you climb for icy mountains without oxygen? Why would people walk into dangerous jungles?

People have a need to challenge themselves and their inner fears. If everything were safe and predictable, life would also be rather flat and boring. For some people that’s fine, but for the entrepreneur, just as for the adventurer, something is missing in the framed safe life. Another dimension is needed.

It may seem breathtaking and scary, but just as you get an adrenaline rush of the parachute jump and you land safely, you will get a rush from the entrepreneurship.

Every man must find his level. It will not suit everyone to resign from their job, pledge the house and move to a studio with kitchenette with the whole family.

For many, it is about daring to take the next step and that is exactly what I hope you can give as the New Year’s resolution for next year. If you are employed today, work on your business idea, save the necessary funds, register an individual company that you can have alongside your employment. Everything starts somewhere.

If you already have a business, what do you want with it? Do you want new customers? Hiring someone to help you with sales or maybe expand your business? Think about what hinders you and what it meant to you if you actually took the next step.

I myself have a New Year’s resolution and I will spend all of 2019 with it. In addition to my regular customer assignments, I will devote my time to promoting entrepreneurship. In what form and how this will look like, you will see if you follow me here. It will be a project that boosts the entrepreneurship, but at the same time gives me a lot of energy. You should find your energy boost as well.

Now nothing remains but to  wish you all a really Happy New Year!


If you want to practise your Swedish skills, take a look at my video with the same content as above.